Friday, January 11, 2013

Day 2 Campfire

Last night students enjoyed a powerful time at the campfire. Our focus was on worship. We worshipped through songs, but also through the students' testimonies of how God is working in their lives. So many students shared that I can't recount all the stories, but here are a few:

Courtney M. shared that she learned a lesson about stubbornness from a resident at the All Saints. That we spend so much time focused on ourselves that we don't often let God work in our lives.

Luke M. shared that after breaking his arm a few days before the trip he was upset that he wouldn't be finishing the basketball season or be able to play lacrosse. Yesterday, he was nervous about meeting the  Bahamian school children because he might not know what to say to them. But once the kids came, they all were curious about his arm. His broken arm allowed him an opportunity to connect with and minister to the kids.

Mr. Gushue spoke at campfire about how he had seen students moving from fear to faith. He mentioned watching Katie L. being nervous as children had grabbed her hair, wanting to play with it. He saw her moments later, allowing kids to braid her hair, talking to and laughing with them.

Sean Dougherty's and Dennis John's groups

Entertaining children

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