Friday, January 11, 2013

Powerful Moments

All students returned to the Adventure Learning Camp around 4:30 today for a few hours of much needed down time. Sean Fryer's and Marty Fanning's groups spent time with the residents at All Saints and then students at a local Bahamian school. Here are some of their experiences:

"What greatly impacted me today at the All Saints Camp was how thankful all the people there were. Most people there can't do most of the things we take for granted, and yet they praise God for the things they do have. This made me realize how ungrateful I can be sometimes for all of the little things and how providing God is." -Kyle E.

"God has shown me how He can use anybody for his purpose. I had expected certain people to do the most ministering and others to goof off, but who I had expected to goof off had impacted for Christ the most." -Chris S.

"Today was very moving. God spoke to me deeply through how happy the people at All Saints Camp were. They loved how we came there and were happy with the simplest things. That's how God spoke to me today and I loved and embraced it!" -Mason P.

"One of the things that impacted me most was when I went to pick up the Bahamian kids to bring to the ALC. On the bus ride to the ALC with the kids they were singing worship songs, and they were singing it with such joy. It made me smile to see them do this. I have never seen such joy, not even in chapel. It was a fun moment." -Nick C.

"The biggest impact on me was when I saw so many crippled Bahamians being so happy and joyful, even though they didn't have the ability to do many things. I helped and talked to a Bahamian named Alexander, who had many questions about Christianity, but in the end, I prayed for him, and he was very grateful." -Gabriela A.
Many students gave piggy-back rides.
Getting to know residents at All Saints
Lunch at All Saints

Making friends
Sean Dougherty's and Dennis John's groups greeted students at the ALC and then went to a local school to minister to more children. Your sons and daughters performed a dance, two skits and shared their testimonies. It was moving to see students completely lead the time of teaching and preaching! Several Bahamian children prayed to receive Jesus as their Savior. 

Miki V. says, "What had an impact on me today was how the kids just opened up their hearts for Jesus so willingly. They were so joyful, and the Lord just shone His light through them."

"What impacted me today was probably when we were at the ALC, and all the little kids were just so happy to see us and to get to know us. The way the children acted so grateful and amazed to be hanging out at the ALC with the animals and the planetarium. What really just amazed me today was the way Marcos was bringing so many children to Christ was just making me feel so happy." -Nick K.
"The most impactful moment for me on the Bahamas trip was when I had the opportunity to share the Gospel with two kids and lead them to God. When they were leaving one of them started to cry on their bus. To be honest, God just led me to go on the bus and give him my Gospel wristband and stay with him until he left to comfort him. About 10 minutes after they left, we all gathered under a pavilion to pray. After we prayed, I could not stop crying about the way the kid cried, and it broke my heart. Now I hope that everyone could have a life altering experience on this trip." -Josh L.
Carly C. says that during the bus ride to pickup the Bahamian students who were coming to visit the ALC, she found a verse in Isaiah that God was really using to speak to her. Later when students were asked to team up in a small group to pray, she sat down with Brooke F., Allie H., and Andrew L. Before they prayed, Brooke opened her Bible to share some Scripture, and she opened to the same passage in Isaiah. 
Eric A. says that what stand out in his mind is how the children were so happy and all were excited to hear the Gospel and to learn more about Jesus. He talked to several students about their lives and shared the Gospel with them. 
Dancers before the assembly 
Preparing to give a presentation at the ALC
Performing a skit and sharing testimonies
Performing a skit and sharing the Gospel
Students spontaneously sharing the Good News of Jesus


Kym Butler said...

Thank you for the updates and photos...praying God will continue to move in the hearts of our kids and the Bahamian people!!

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